Also without the contribution of our "Foundation

Breeders", Elitedolls would not be possible. Take the time to check out some of our first Ragdolls who are now retired from breeding and living the life of luxury as spoiled pets.

I would like to thank Scottie Cone of Rags2Riches for being my mentor.  Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Welcome to EliteDolls

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EliteDolls is a small in-home Ragdoll Cattery

We are striving to produce high-quality beautiful Ragdolls with that sweet flop-in-your-arms personality! We are located in Wisconsin, however our dolls come from the best catteries in the United States.

Elitedolls is Registered with TICA. (The INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION). Our Kings and Queens have all been tested negative for HCM, FIV/Feline Leukemia. All of our kittens have a 2 year health guarantee and will be spayed or neutered before they go home around 12-13 weeks old.

The Ragdoll is a large breed with male ranging between 15-20 pounds, while females are proportionately smaller ranging between 10-15 pounds. Ragdolls are a pointed breed, meaning they have the darker points on their ears, face, legs, and tail....while their body color is a lighter version of the point color.

There are three patterns: Colorpoints have no white on them. Mitteds have white mittens in their front paws, white boots on the back legs, a white chin extending into a white belly stripe down the tummy. Bicolors have a white inverted V on their face, with all four legs, chest and belly also white.

​Ragdolls come in a variety of colors including Blue, Seal, Lilac, Chocolate, and Red & Cream. They also come in the overlaying patterns of Tortie, Torbie, and Lynx.

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For more information and interest in availability please contact Liz Nickel:

       (715) 345-9607
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