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Ragdolls are extremely affectionate and playful.  They are very docile, gentle and trusting that is why they need to remain indoors.  They would be unable to protect themselves.

​Ragdolls love their people.  They will follow you from room to room.  They can easily be taught to fetch a toy and bring it back to you much like a dog.   Ragdolls are an incredible breed that would make a wonderful addition to a family.

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The ragdoll is a large, floppy, blue eyed pointed cat with soft bunny like fur.  Their fur is non-matting and very low shedding compared with other long haired cats.The ragdoll breed was started by a woman named Ann Baker from Riverside, California in the early 1960's.  Her foundation that started the ragdoll breed were all neighbors’ cats or stray cats roaming around.  An all-white long haired female named Josephine had her first experimental litter.  She bred Josephine to a blue eyed pointed cat whose offspring were then crossed with a Burmese type.  Ann Baker noticed that this litter produced extremely affectionate kittens and they had the ability to become limp when held-much like a child's ragdoll use to be.  Thus, the name ragdoll came to be. 

Ragdolls are born completely white or cream.  Their eyes begin to open between 7-10 days.  Ragdolls will continue to grow and change in their coloring until they reach their full maturity around 2-3 years.

Double the Pleasure, Double the fun....Two is always better than one!


PEOPLE say they are much like potato chips, it is hard to have just one!

Our Goal

Our goal is to breed for excellence in HEALTH, PERSONALITY and TYPE.  We want our ragdolls to follow the breed standards.  Our goal is to promote the breed and bring awareness of this wonderful breed.

We are a small closed cattery located in Central Wisconsin.  We offer traditional, Supreme Grand Champion lines.  We are TICA registered. Our ragdolls are a part of our family.  They have the run of the house!  Our cats are picked up, played with, and hugged several times each day.  We have four children to help so the kittens leave very well socialized.  They are handled and loved from birth until you take them home. 

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