Gus Gus ( A.K.A Heart Throb 2/16/13)

Our kittens gone home. If you have a past EliteDoll kitten, just email a then & now picture.  We would love to post them all!

Sam bonded quickly with his new Ragdoll sister Kayleigh!

Nichole relaxing in her retirement with her owner Nichole!

Baby Bud

Bentley( A.K.A. Trick ) & Lambeau ( A.K.A Trooper)

Truffles( above) & Pixel (A.K.A. Hugs)  enjoying their home together with Erin.

Kittens in New Homes

Sam ( A.K.A) Sam is comfy and cozy in his new home with Terri & Jim

Sophie enjoying her home with Catherine

Nala A.K.A Pumpkin relaxing in her new home.

Danica A.K.A. Rosie is relaxing in her retirement  and enjoying her new home with Kate & Muggs.

Valentino( age 1)  pictured on right ( A.K.A. Valentino ) with his brother Chester . He weighs 18.7 lbs!

Oreo Cookie( A.K.A. Oreo ) Sephora (A.K.A. Double Stuffed)

Daisy... Aka...Miss Daisy relaxing in her home with Dana & Ron.

Maize( A.K.A)  Cracker Jack & Kingston( A.K.A  Hot Dog)

Katie (A.K.A. Diamond) 

Taffy and Dolly ( A.K.A. Hailey) are best buddies! Enjoying their home in Arizona with Judy & Bob.

Pixel (A.K.A  Hugs)

Buttercup & Paisley


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Niles ( A.K.A. Jack)

Mighty relaxing and enjoying retirement in his new home with Deanna.

Baby Valentino