DAM:  Echoglen Cali of EliteDolls

EliteDolls Chasen A Dream-A.K.A Chase

seal lynx mitted

Born:  9/23/17

continue on our foundation lines!


​seal point bicolor

  will be carrying on my foundation lines from his Great Grandfather Romeo ,to his Grandfather McDreamy, to his father 

EliteDolls Kings


Sire:  EliteDolls In Your Dreams

We are fortunate to have Dreamy carry on our foundation lines from his grandfather Romeo to his father McDreamy.   Dreamy is a sweet blue mitted boy with a super soft bunny coat, stunning dark blue eyes, nice type . He has the sweetest personality I have ever seen!  He always wants someone near him.  We are excited to watch him grow and take over for his grandpa and dad.

USAPurrs Need A Hero Of EliteDolls

Born: 10/31/15

Chase is a beautiful seal lynx mitted.  He 

Dam: USApurrs Made In America

Born:  6/8/18

   (A.K.A  Hero)

Chase has great type, excellent coat, wonderful marking, excellent boning and size and a super sweet personality! We are so excited to watch him grow and

Sire: EliteDolls McDreamy

Max is a sweet and super laid back boy.He has just a fantastic personality!  He loves to follow me all around.  He has such captivating ocean blue eyes, great profile, nice ear set, very nice markings and a bunny soft coat.   He comes to us from Mississippi. Thank you so much Scottie for another fantastic boy! 

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In Your Dreams! 

Blue point mitted

Hero is a beautiful seal point bicolor.  We are,"Holding out for a Hero" and we think we definitely  got one with this guy!   Hero is a big boy with stunning looks and has an amazing personality!  This guy has it all!  He loves everyone he meets! He has great size, profile,type, expression and a super soft coat!  Hero comes to us from Florida!  Thank you so much Bri! We love this boy already and can't wait to watch him grow!



Sire: O'Malley Diamond Dolls Asher Of Rags2Riches

Dam: Keepurrs Christy of Rags2Riches

Born: 8-3-16

Rags2Riches Max of EliteDolls

Dam: USAPurrs Morning Star of EliteDolls



Blue lynx bicolor


EliteDolls In Your Dreams- ( A.K.A Dreamy)

sire:  Omalley Diamond Dolls Onyx