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Rags2Riches Max of EliteDolls


Sire: O'Malley Diamond Dolls Asher Of Rags2Riches

Dam: Keepurrs Christy of Rags2Riches

Born: 8-3-16

BORN:  5/9/19

Born: 10/31/15

Flame point mitted

Sire: Angelheart Smokeys Leo Bear

Dam: Angelheart Lady Danika

EliteDolls Kings

Angelheart Remmy of EliteDolls



SGC BAOBAOMAO Usher of EliteDolls



Born: 4/8/20 

Blue point mitted

Usher went to Corpus Christi March 2020 to compete in RAW  (Ragdolls Around the World) competition.  This was only for Ragdolls and he won 3rd, 4th, and 5th place by all three Ragdoll judges. At the end of the competition, they recognize the top 3 Ragdolls at a banquet and he won 3rd place. 

Blue lynx bicolor

Dam: Rags2Riches Kiki of BAOBAOMAO


EliteDolls In Your Dreams- ( A.K.A Dreamy)

Remmy is a sweet flame point mitted male.  I wanted to bring the flames back into my program as they are a favorite of mine!  Remmy has nice size and nice ocean blue eyes.  I am excited to have him in our program!  Thank you Laura for this adorable and sweet boy!

Dam: USAPurrs Morning Star of EliteDolls

Usher is a beautiful Supreme Grand Champion blue bicolor boy that we are fortunate to have in our program!   He has beautiful dark blue eyes, heavy boning, great size,  sweet, loving and a beautiful boy that we will cherish.  We are so excited to have him be a part of our program!  Thank you so much to Scottie Cone for entrusting us with Usher!



Sire: EliteDolls McDreamy

Sire: CH OMalley DDolls Asher of Rags2Riches

Blue bicolor

Max is a sweet and super laid back boy.He has just a fantastic personality!  He loves to follow me all around.  He has such captivating ocean blue eyes, great profile, nice ear set, very nice markings and a bunny soft coat.   He comes to us from Mississippi. Thank you so much Scottie for another fantastic boy! 

We are fortunate to have Dreamy carry on our foundation lines from his grandfather Romeo to his father McDreamy.   Dreamy is a sweet blue mitted boy with a super soft bunny coat, stunning dark blue eyes, nice type . He has the sweetest personality I have ever seen!  He always wants someone near him.  We are excited to watch him grow and take over for his grandpa and dad.