(A.K.A  Hero)

  will be carrying on my foundation lines from his Great Grandfather Romeo ,to his Grandfather McDreamy, to his father 

Sire:  EliteDolls In Your Dreams

Chase has great type, excellent coat, wonderful marking, excellent boning and size and a super sweet personality! We are so excited to watch him grow and


Dam: USApurrs Made In America

EliteDolls Kings

In Your Dreams! 

USAPurrs Need A Hero Of EliteDolls

Born: 10/31/15

Chase is a beautiful seal lynx mitted.  He 

Dam: USAPurrs Morning Star of EliteDolls

Born:  9/23/17

continue on our foundation lines!

We are fortunate to have Dreamy carry on our foundation lines from his grandfather Romeo to his father McDreamy.   Dreamy is a sweet blue mitted boy with a super soft bunny coat, stunning dark blue eyes, nice type . He has the sweetest personality I have ever seen!  He always wants someone near him.  We are excited to watch him grow and take over for his grandpa and dad.

Blue point mitted

seal lynx mitted

Blue lynx bicolor

EliteDolls In Your Dreams- ( A.K.A Dreamy)


sire:  Omalley Diamond Dolls Onyx

Sire: EliteDolls McDreamy

​seal point bicolor


Max is a sweet and super laid back boy.He has just a fantastic personality!  He loves to follow me all around.  He has such captivating ocean blue eyes, great profile, nice ear set, very nice markings and a bunny soft coat.   He comes to us from Mississippi. Thank you so much Scottie for another fantastic boy! 

Sire: O'Malley Diamond Dolls Asher Of Rags2Riches

Dam: Keepurrs Christy of Rags2Riches

Born: 8-3-16

Born:  6/8/18



DAM:  Echoglen Cali of EliteDolls


Rags2Riches Max of EliteDolls

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Hero is a beautiful seal point bicolor.  We are,"Holding out for a Hero" and we think we definitely  got one with this guy!   Hero is a big boy with stunning looks and has an amazing personality!  This guy has it all!  He loves everyone he meets! He has great size, profile,type, expression and a super soft coat!  Hero comes to us from Florida!  Thank you so much Bri! We love this boy already and can't wait to watch him grow!


EliteDolls Chasen A Dream-A.K.A Chase