EliteDolls Maddie

       seal mitted

Dam: USAPURRS Selena of EliteDolls

Sire: EliteDolls Chasen A Dream

Born:  9/15/19

Sire: AmorousAngels Dan DeLion

EliteDolls Annabelle

Dam:  Angelheart Lady Danika

EliteDolls Queens



ELITEDOLLS Livin The Dream A.K.A Olivia

seal point bicolor

Emmy is beautiful seal point bicolor girl from California. She has a sweet and spunky very outgoing personality. This girl has it all- looks and personality plus!  She has to be where the action is and the action has to be where she is! She loves people and loves to play and follow us everywhere. She is super friendly and loves sitting on laps!  She has nice type, great profile, nice high "V",  big whisker pad,big boning and stunning dark blue eyes. Thank you Laura for our sweet Emmy!

Flame Point

​Born: 10/20/16

Born:  7/21/17

DAM:  AbsoluteDolls Bella of EliteDolls

​Born: ​5/10/16


seal lynx mitted



seal point mitted

blue bicolor


Angelheart Amber of EliteDolls

Maddie is a sweet seal mitted girl.  She has captivating dark blue eyes and beautiful bunny soft coat! We are excited to watch her grow and have her be a part of our program!

Echoglen Emmy of EliteDolls

Dam: CH. Echoglen Purrpetual Bliss

Born:  ​8/25/15

Born: 5/27/19

Annabelle is a Bella x Max baby.  I was hoping to save a baby girl from Bella's last litter and we were blessed with a baby from Max as well!   Annabelle is a sweet girl with a beautiful bunny soft coat and stunning dark blue eyes!  We are looking forward to watching her grow and adding her to our program!

Sire:  RW.CH Marlcreek Cattin Jax Purreston

USAPURRS Selena is a beautiful seal point mitted girl .  She is a very outgoing adventurous girl with a lot going for her.  She has great size , beautiful coat and markings and a great personality.  We are excited to have her and would like to thank Bri from USAPURRS for this beautiful girl! 

Dam:  Echoglen Sofari Sofun

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ECHOGLEN Cali of EliteDolls


Dam:  Echoglen Cali of EliteDolls


Seal Lynx point

Sire: Rags2Riches Max of EliteDolls

sire:  RW QGC Adorabledolls Colton Levi


Born:​  6/8/18


Gracie is a gorgeous seal lynx mitted girl.  I named her after my late mother's favorite song," Amazing Grace."  Gracie is very sweet and outgoing!   She is a big boned,nicely marked, nice type and has beautiful dark blue eyes.  I am excited to add her to our program!

Dam:  ​Rockcreek Katy Purry of USAPURRS

BORN- 4/14/19

Olivia is another amazing baby from Cali x Dreamy! She has such nice type, beautiful coat and dark blue eyes!  We are excited to add her to our program!

ELITEDOLLS Amazing Grace A.K.A Gracie

                                                 seal lynx mitted

Sire:  RW QGCH Kauffman Smokeys Leo of Angelheart

Echoglen Cali came to us all the way from California- hence the name Cali! She is a stunning Seal lynx point.  She has an amazing beautiful soft bunny coat, great size an boning, and beautiful big blue eyes!  Cali also has personality plus! She loves to be around people and purrs the minute we pick her up. She is super floppy and loves everyone she meets!  We are so thankful to Laura from Echoglen Ragdoll Cattery for this amazing girl!


Sire:  EliteDolls In Your Dreams

Amber is a beautiful flame point girl.  I am very excited to have the flames back in my program! It is one of my favorite colors/patterns!  I am very blessed to have found Amber!   Amber has a beautiful coat- the most amazing bunny soft coat, nice boning, and scoop. Her personality is very sweet and loving.  She purrs the minute you go near her!  Can't wait to see the babies this girl produces!  We just adore her!  Thank you so much Laura Oravec for such a sweet and amazing girl!  

Sire:  Elite Dolls In Your Dreams

Dam: Echoglen Cali of EliteDolls